Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy day

Lots of activity at the construction site on Monday:

Golddiggers were installing the anti-siphon valve in the concrete vault dug into the grass between the administration module and the sidewalk.

Steve's crew was getting ready for the final framing-in of the new roof connecting the sanctuary to the clerestory in the front of the building.

The plumbers were working in the main restrooms. The heating contractor was hanging ductwork in the classroom building. Warren was dealing with paperwork.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A roof, a vault, ducts and pipes

By Saturday, Warren had nearly all the shingles on the back half of the new roof connecting the old sanctuary building to the clerestory. He and Vitaly were getting ready to put sheathing, tar paper and shingles on the front half. Check the photos at the bottom of this long post.

Under the roof in the new narthex, the framing around the old front door to the sanctuary building is no longer helping to support anything. Only one window is missing in the clerestory. Three large windows on the front of the building, one on either side of the main doors and one just inside the enlarged sanctuary (and a matching one on the back side), must be framed in.

After "Golddiggers" finished digging in 104th Avenue, it excavated a 9-foot-deep hole in the grass west of the admin module for a concrete vault to hold an anti-siphon valve. The valve will keep water in the 6-inch diameter fire sprinkler line from draining back into the city water main. Dirt from that hole now forms a mini-Mound Emmanuel between the pre-school play yard and the new building.

Air ducts have emerged from the crawl space and climbed into the attic of the classroom wing.

The nursery, the AV room and two storage rooms (one for the sanctuary and one for the new narthex) have been framed in. There's plumbing in the nursery bathroom not only for a toilet and sink but also for a washing machine. Pipes also have been run to bathrooms and sinks in the classroom wing.

Almost all the exterior doors have been placed, although many don't have hardware yet, and none have trim installed. Warren says it's time for a building committee to pick the church's new front doors -- an important decision. With those installed, and the roof and the windows finished, we can start drying out the interior, he says.

Meanwhile, Warren's been lining up contractors for the next phases. He and Larry D. also have been compiling another unexpected set of contractor documentation for General Assembly. Good news: The city is allowing a set of sprinkler valves, which had crowded the men's restroom and then kitchen storage, to be put in the utility basement -- where we proposed putting it in the first place.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two for the price of ... two

Late last week and early this week two major projects were visibly under way. So was a third but it was mainly in the crawl spaces, so we don't have any photos.

First, we were out in 104th Avenue Northeast Monday and Tuesday digging a hole for big valves that will control the water supply for our sprinkler system and separately for our faucets and toilets. Sue got a lot of these photos. Oh, in explanation of the name of this photo gallery, the company doing the digging and placement of the valve is called "Golddiggers."

Second, we cut the roof off the east side of the north end of the sanctuary building last week. We began putting on a new slightly higher roof that connects the old building to the clerestory. We began to tear down the roof on the west side. With all the rain we had, we decided to wait on finishing that until the new roof was sheathed on the east side.

Warren got all the outside doors installed. A few more interior walls were framed. The heating and ventilaton crew worked out of sight, but their ducts would show up and then disappear.

This gallery is a strange amalgam of photos that jumps backward and forward in time and place. It's what happens when two people take photos over four days, process them later and try to make them tell a story several days after that.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A quiet Saturday

Although a lot had been happening -- or was about to happen, it was quiet Saturday, March 21, at the constuction site. Here are some exterior views of the building and one lone gardener.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The highest heights

On Friday, Warren spent much of the day papering and shingling the south side of the clerestory roof. The following slideshow focuses on that, and moves along quickly. The last few photos from Sue, you'll notice, were taken about two hours later than the main sequence. Warren has worked his way to the peak of the roof.

Meanwhile, down on the ground Vitaly was working on two big new windows in the sanctuary to replace the tinted glass windows that had been in there. Eventually, there will be two more windows like this about where the back wall of the sanctuary has been.

Now, we'll take a little slower walk around the building and see what's going on elsewhere. Warren needs help this week taking down the north wall and part of the roof of the old sanctuary building. There are pictures of that in here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Window of opportunity

Lots of windows, actually. Warren says that nearly all the windows in the classroom wing, plus the windows in the offices, were installed Tuesday. Here are Sue's photos.

The plywood roof sheathing went on the clerestory Wednesday. That means Warren can start putting the tar paper and shingles on that high roof. He's excited. More of Sue's photos:

Speaking of the clerestory, the big windows in the front of the building over the doors are scheduled to go in Thursday, followed by the upper clerestory windows. That will be a big step. The building will start to warm up a little and dry out.

Most of the classroom wing's interior walls are now framed in.

Meanwhile, Larry has been continuing to work on taking down the north wall of the sanctuary building. And, Warren says he expects the "over-framing" on the sanctuary building to start Thursday. That will create a new roof over the north end of the building that will join up with the center clerestory. Once that's in, further work can take place inside to expand the sanctuary.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Windows arrive

The windows had been delivered on Monday, and installation began. Both these photos are from Sue.

From Delivered

Work on some of the roof was delayed by the snow.

From Delivered

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creative destruction

Several hardy souls converged on the construction site Saturday morning -- some of us a little later than the others -- to speed up demolition of the north wall of the sanctuary building. It is no longer supporting much of anything.

The wall, however, had no intention of going easily. Despite persistent attacks with crowbars and pry bars and hammers and saber saws and sledge hammers, some of it remained at the end of the day. Several of its tormenters had minor wounds to show for their efforts. Earl and Larry D. spent several hours there but aren't represented in the slideshow. Warren spent the day on the roof.

And no matter what anyone says I did manage to hit the broadside of a church window -- after several tries. My target was much smaller than the one the others had.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trussed way up

Sue was busy taking photos at the construction site from 9:30 to 10:30 or so Wednesday morning, March 4. The crew was lifting the trusses for the clerestory into place. Deb and Paul were there to help supervise.

The initial sequence in the slideshow below shows the first set of trusses being lifted from the ground and set into place on the clerestory walls. Once the trusses are in place, the framing crew removes the harness. Then, there are several photos showing other truss packages being lifted and Warren hooking the harness onto the crane hook.

At the end, packages of several squares of roofing were lifted onto the roof over the offices, kitchen and restrooms for Warren to install.

Sue came back later in the afternoon after the crew had left. Two photos show that already the trusses were installed over the front half of the clerestory -- but not the back half. The last photo shows that Warren had begun already to remove siding from the north side of the sanctuary building.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting ready

Warren reports that lots of things were going on at the site on Monday, most of them to get ready to do something else.

The framing team was finishing installation of the rafters over the office area, including bracing and fascia boards. The barge rafter, which is the rafter that runs from the north wall up to the main beam on the outside of the west wall, is nearly the last thing needed before the plywood roof sheathing can go on over the offices. This rafter will help form and support the eave in the front of the offices. As soon as that is done, the framing crew will put plywood all the way up the office walls, too.

Meanwhile, Warren has been helping the city inspector complete and sign off on his examination of the roof in the classroom building. The HVAC contractor laid out the locations of the heating vents in all the buildings and will begin designing the ductwork, including the cold air return. The electrician is now on contract.

Warren, the structural engineer and the framers also consulted on the best way to finish the framing of the upper clerestory. Plans are to lift the trusses, which will stabilize the walls and support the roof, late Tuesday or early Wedensday.

There are two metal poles that support the beams that support the clerestory walls. One is installed and one isn't yet. After the second one is installed, the north wall of the sanctuary building will be ready to come out. Warren started initial demolition of that wall today.

But most of Warren's time over the next few days will be spent putting tar paper and shingles down on the lower roofs as the framing crew gets sheathing on them.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A peak experience

For the last few days of this week, the front and back trusses for the clerestory section have been installed. The rest will be installed next week. Finally, we can really see how tall this building is going to be. Very impressive looking both on the outside and the inside. Here's a quick gallery from Saturday. Warren was trying to get some roofing nailed down on the classroom building when he didn't have to answer questions from visiting photographers.