Friday, October 2, 2009

Phones, shelves and boards

It was a quiet construction week at the church. Larry finished putting up shelves in the nursery, preschool rooms and in the broom closet outside the kitchen, among other things. He also hung a whiteboard and bulletin board in the room that will be used by the preschool, by the Sunday school and for lots of meetings.

Meanwhile, fancy new multiline phones were installed in the church and school offices and in the classrooms. At one point, the fire alarm line wasn't working correctly, but that was fixed the next day.

Significant projects remain including such things as sanctuary lighting, front door glass, the awning roof, brickwork to hold the church nameplate, the cross in the front clerestory windows, men's room laminate repairs, window cleaning, clerestory lighting, storage shelving, general storage cabinets, a folding wall and kitchen plumbing, dishwasher, minor appliances and cabinetry.

NOTE: If you loaned a hose for watering the new lawn, it was a big help and you can pick it up behind the sanctuary.

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